Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Spring makes 'anything' possible!

Every bee loves a sting..err..spring
Photograph taken in 2009, India
New York had a mild winter. Mild by the definition of those who've lived through snowstorms, -20 degree Celsius, zero visibility and days of being locked in at home, at the airport, at restaurants and other such horrific encounters. By that yard, two days of snow, one in early October and another in late January, could 'hardly even be called winter,' said all my friends and the husband. Even my experience of virtually non existent winter seasons in Bombay not being accounted for, I did brave an all time low of -11 degree C, not holed in at home but out on the streets in what (in retrospect) was obviously not enough warm protection.

So when, in keeping up the climate pattern this year, spring displayed signs of an early arrival, I cheered as loud as a grasshopper would in an untrimmed lawn :D

Spring's making the days longer, the sun brighter, the trees more colorful, people more cheerful. I no longer look out to dark evenings and 4 pm sunsets. I no longer have to spend 60 minutes dressing up in winter layers. And mostly, no longer have to think of gloomy days for an entire year!

It does make you feel a little like anything is possible, really!

I'll soon be complaining about the warm weather and the merciless sun but till then, have a Happy Spring  guys!

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