Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Twitterati for Anna

What's your side huh?
District Tumsar, Nagpur, India

In my last post I spoke of how everyone who is anyone has an opinion to express - be it about Anna Hazare, Tihar Jail, Jan Lokpal or Sonai & Co. The twitter citizenry, or tweeps, if you like is not only never behind, it is usually a few paces ahead in breaking news these days. Its also the most interesting. I came across a few tweets that I felt necessary to share in a post.

Some are witty, others hilarious, some regular and yet others that are downright dumb. Some display angst, some frustration, some motivation and others just poke fun. But all of them drive home a point. What that is – I leave for you to decipher and interpret yourself. Here's a compilation of some of the best tweets (by my personal measure) on the issue over the last 2 days.

15 Aug 1947:Whn the world slept, India rose to freedom; 15 Aug 2011:Now that India has risen, the trying to put it back to sleep

First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win. - Mahatma Gandhi

#annahazare the new age gandhi with more hair and less teeth!

#AnnaHazare is a mad man. Oh, he sure is. But India really needs some of his madness right now. #IndiaAgainstCorruption #iSupportAnnaHazare

Anna Hazare arrested. Our faith in demoNcracy is restored.

It took 9 months for the govt to arrest Kalmadi, 4 yrs to arrest Raja n Kanimozi but 3 mins to arrest Anna #FakeDemocracy

Arresting Anna Hazare for a Hunger Strike is like arresting AR Rahman just because you don't like his Songs

Government sending message that vandalizing is d only way of protest not fast because they never arrested Thakeray but arrested Anna!!

Got arrested, singing in the police van, never felt so alive!#annahazare aage bado, hum tumhare saath hai!

Soniaji & Co: Don't know how to say this in Italian, so here goes: Vinaash Kale, Viprit Budhhi.

They are sending Anna Hazare to Tihar jail?! Is no one in the UPA thinking at all of what they are doing?

This is the theater of the absurd. Corrupt and anti-corrupt in cells side by side in Tihar & the most inept, out of control govt I've known

This has gone beyond being the theatre of the absurd. This has become sheer ridiculousness. This is what will now cause anarchy.

Corruption hurt UPA. Arrogance will kill it.

Its not about #Anna anymore. Its about whether we want to be lorded over by a power hungry dynasty who doesnt feel answerable to the people

#isupportannahazare when Gandhiji wanted congress to be dismantled after freedom, he must have been right!! We can see the british congress.

And the winning tweets:

If you’re with Anna Hazare in his fight against corruption, then also consider being vegetarian like him. #isupportannahazare

#AnnaHazare , You've spammed us .Good movement , WRONG COUNTRY

It's almost like #AnnaHazare has just asked this Govt. "Who's your Daddy now..?" #janlokpal

Dear Rahul Baba .. Ever heard of kalidas chopping th branch on which he sat..

Have you come across any others? Feel free to share them on a comment...