Thursday, February 23, 2012

The last meal before I...

Mixed Falafel Platter, Taim Falafel,
West Village, Manhattan
Not to get my family worked up but I recently thought about dying. Not the depressing 'when will I die' or how, but something that actually matters! Like what will be the last thing I eat before I pop!

I take stuff like this pretty seriously. So please give me your full attention. I will only repeat what I'm saying on this post a million more times. If you happen to still know me in my last days on Earth, the best thing you will do for me is to bring me back food from Taim Falafel. I will bless you forever (if you don’t, chances are I will come back to haunt you in the shape of a falafel.)

My husband had been talking about this place for a while now. And as with most other things that he likes, he sold this place to me endlessly. I’ve had some pretty awesome Mediterranean food in New York and I didn’t think anything I ate elsewhere would trump that. So obviously, I prepared myself to feign some fake excitement when I actually did visit.*

But boy, did I end up eating my words. And also the best meal I’ve ever eaten under 15 bucks. Maybe even the best meal ever.

Taim is like being hugged on the inside. Comfort food away from home. Something you know you will keep coming back to. It's a small, hole-in-the-wall, nestled in the West Village, and if you're looking for ambiance, you're probably better off staying away (believe me, you're not). But if you want to turn into a believer of all things good that exist on earth, visit Taim.

We got the Mixed Falafel Platter which is basically a sampling for 3 falafel flavors on a bed of Hummus, Israeli and Tabouli Salads and an assortment of sauces. The falafels are earthy, fried to perfection, nutty, moist, greaseless, the pita fresh, warm and soft, the hummus rich and to die for, I'm still struggling to figure out what the sauces were but you probably will be too stuffed to care by the time you’re done.

Each time I eat something life-changing, which is actually not that often, I always think about how it must be my last meal on earth. So a friend recently told me that I would die just from eating all the things I want to eat before I die. But this time I just know – for my last meal on earth – nothing else but Taim would work! What about yours? 

*Dinesh, if you actually do read this blog, that sentence means nothing. 


It's been so long since I posted on the blog. Not for the lack of subject. Only time. Yessir. I have been busy - busy eating, busy writing (err, yeah besides the blog), also often busy doing what I'm best at - nothing. You know 'nothing', the space of time between thinking and doing? Or is it thinking and not-thinking? Does it matter? Probably not. Writing about what I did when I did nothing is sort of contradictory right? Am I asking too many questions now? Probably. I should stop. Really.

I'm going to start a new post to get away from my rant in this one. Okay?