Monday, July 25, 2011

Just Another Day

"Just Another Day"
Central Park, New York, NY 
Calm on the surface, a ripple so slow
Underneath lies turbulence, its struggle unknown
Life's like that, we don't often know
Far on the ocean, rocking life's boat

We look for calm waters, in which to stay on
The horizon looks blue, innocent of a storm
Alone in course, there will be no friend
To steer your ship, to hold your hand

To find your way, you must disclose
Open the chambers, your heart has closed
Define your course, and claim your joy
For even in the waters, there's happiness to come by


Neel said...


Pooja said...

Thanks Neel :)

Sweta Kapadia-Merchant said...

beautiful photogrpah & the poem ! Brilliant !