Sunday, July 17, 2011

Bird of Prey

Bird of Prey
Central Park West, New York, NY

Spotted this beautiful eagle while strolling in Central Park yesterday evening. It looked like it was pecking (if I can use that word for an eagle) at the branch beneath it. But on getting closer, I realized it was actually eating a pigeon, in all probability, one that it had killed. I should have perhaps been eww-ed or something, but I wasn't. Okay, so I feel bad for the poor bird (the hunted), but it was quite a sight actually. With every bite (or peck or whatever it is that eagles do), a few pigeon feathers floated around. I got a second, more zoomed in picture. 

A much smaller blue colored bird was sitting on a branch nearby watching the eagle devour its prey and making high-pitched sounds. After 10 minutes of watching and shrieking, the little bird started attacking the eagle, yes, I am serious, attacking! It went right at the eagle, bumping into its large feathers, as if it was trying to throw it off its position. The eagle, visibly irritated but didn't move an inch from its place and resumed eating, letting the lil birdie fly away in disappointment. Im still wondering why the bird was attacking someone atleast 10 times its size - to demand a share of the prey or was the pigeon someone the blue bird knew and was trying to save, even if a tad too late? 

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